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Thai barmaidsIn the large and tourist cities in Thailand, you will always find an area with bars where Thai bargirls are working. The west considers this prostitution, but I decide to describe this topic on the website about Thai women because it’s not all that black and white, and because there are many men who start a serious relationship with a Thai bargirl.

The best-known cities for this are Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. There are two types of bars: gogo bars and beer bars. In gogo bars, the Thai bargirls take turn dancing, and can be brought back by costumers for a certain amount.

These girls are often prettier and more expensive than girls from the beer bars. In beer bars, Thai bargirls work as waitresses, but if you give them a drink, they will come talk to you and receive commission for that drink. For a certain amount, you can also buy her out of the bar, which is called bar fine. You often also have to pay the girl herself for the time she’s spending with you. We will describe the following subjects:

Who are the Thai bargirls?
A fixed relationship with a Thai bargirl
Meet beautiful Thai women

Who are the Thai bargirls?

Thai bargirls are often Thai girls or women who ended up with financial problems because of circumstances. They are often divorced or their husband died, and have to take care of their child and/or parents on their own.

It is also possible that one of the family members has an addiction or has financial problems due to other reasons. In that case, all of the money of the Thai bargirl goes there.

Not all Thai bargirls do this because they have problems. There are also Thai bargirls who are looking for a Western spouse. Some girls also work in a bar on the one of the Thai  Date Asian womenislands to be able to afford a free vacation. From the bar, she looks for a boy she likes, who will take her everywhere and pays for her.

Bargirls sometimes go to a club or an internet café after closing hours to find more costumers on a Thai dating website. So don’t think that you can only find traditional Thai girls on a Thai dating website and be aware of the fact that a girl you meet in a club can be a bargirl who will ask for money later on.

A fixed relationship with a Thai bargirl

It is not said that it’s impossible to start a good relationship with Thai bargirls. There are definitely relationships that last in which the Thai bargirls will only return to the bar to meet her friends, or has even returned to the village of her family.

Thai bargirlsHowever, in most cases, an agreement has to be made about the financial sponsoring of the Thai barmaids, because she loses her source of income if she doesn’t work in the bar anymore. It’s also a risk, because it’s possible that she continues with other men to make some extra money while you’re at work, or that she falls in love with someone else, but likes the idea of you sponsoring her.

There are also many men who have a nice holiday with a Thai bargirl, and only use these girls for lusts and pleasure. Also in this context, Thai girls are very caring and can add a lot to your vacation. To meet Thai girls for this purpose, you can either go to a bar or search on the internet You can find many girls here who would love to meet up with you.

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