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Another good way to meet Thai woman is using a dating app. The big advantage of a dating app compared to a dating site is the fact you can Date Asian womenfind women nearby by GPS and contact them immediately. Using a dating app you can arrange a date spontaneously and often for the same day!

Underneath you will find the three best dating app’s of Thailand, where you can date specially local women, even far in the countryside. These app’s are used worldwide, so you can also use them on other destinations or at home.


Wechat is a communication app, but also very helpful for dating. This app has more than 400 million users and is also in Thailand extremely popular. Searching people nearby can be done very accurate, you can see their distance at 100 meter exact. After you send a message to someone, you can start chatting after she accepts you. Wechat is a good app to meet Thai women and also a good device to keep in touch with people you already know.

Skout is downloaded 10 million times is and a good app to meet Thai women who are nearby. Under ‘meet people’ you can see who is nearby and online and make contact immediately by sending a message. You can also search on specified cities or towns to arrange a date before traveling. Skout is a good dating app to score a woman in Thailand.

Badoo is a dating app witch is downloaded more than 10 million times and also in Thailand very popular. In Thailand you will find here specially local women and the response rate is big. You can rate pictures of others, when you do this others will rate you too, so you can see what they think about you. You can also see who is nearby and start chatting immediately. Another way is to like or reject woman’s pictures, when they like you too, there is a match and you can start chatting. Badoo is a nice app to meet Thai women, because you can use good and helpful tools and the pool of women is big.

Why to use a dating app to meet women in Thailand?

A dating site is commonly used to build a relationship over a longer period and the whole process is most of the time slower, also are most users here looking for a long term relationship. Dating normally goes from dating to email contact and skype till the final goal: ‘the meeting’.

Meeting on a dating app is normally fast and more spontaneous. The date arranged on the app can lead to a serious relationship and to a one night stand as well, but compared to a dating site you will find here more woman who want a one night stand.



Of course some women of dating sites are looking for a one night stand and some users on a app are looking for a serious relationship. Because of this it is a good idea to use Thai dating sites and app’s as well.

An app is also easier to use after you download it on your mobile, you can check for women nearby wherever you have access to the internet and chat with her immediately and meet up.

What kind of women will you find on these app’s?

When you use one of these 3 app’s in Thailand, you will find mostly local women, because this app is so popular in Thailand and many of the woman are using them. There are also some ladyboys using this app to find a partner. It is hard to recognize a ladyboy on a picture, but fortunately they will tell you almost always before the first meeting.

It is also most of the time mentioned in ‘her’ profile.
Also bargirls and other girls with financial means are active on these app’s. Keep this in mind and never send money before you meet her. In this situation the same caution is recommended as on a Thai dating site.

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