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Thai barsIn the bigger and tourist Thai cities you can find different kind of bars, like lady bars, beer bars en gogo bars. In these bars, bargirls are working and they use the bar as a cover for prostitution or to find a foreigner for a relationship to have a the opportunity for a better future.

Thai lady bars can be found throughout in Phuket, Koh samui, Bangkok and Pattaya. Also in many other places in Thailand you will find bars, but not so many and often centered in one or two streets

Thai lady bar

A lady bar is a bar where you can drink, play pool and other kinds of social games. The women working in these bars are serving the customers and they call passing people to come drink inside. (welcome! Sexy man!). Except women there are also ladyboys working in some bars.

Date Asian womenThe bargirls can earn some more money additional to her (low) salary by talking to the customers or by playing pool or other games. When the customer buys her a drink she will have a lady drink.

A lady drink is much more expensive than a normal drink, because she will get a commission of 30 till 40 bath per drink. Because of this, sometimes she will ask for a drink strait after you met her.


When you want to take a lady with you to go out or to have sex, you can pay the bar a bar fine (300 – 500 bath) , to compensate that she not work anymore that day. The bargirl normally also expect a payment to her, about the price you can negotiate with her.
Take a lady for sex for one hour they call ‘short time’ and will cost you normally 1000 – 1500 bath, if you take a lady for all night, they call this ‘long time’ and will cost you about 1000 to 2000 bath.

Thai barThis aren’t fixed prices and when the bargirl likes you, there is a chance you can go with her for free (bar fine you have to pay anyway). In some cases she will ask 3000 or 4000 bath, than most probably she don’t want to go or she have something (or someone) else to do.

A lady bar is a pleasant place to meet Thai women easily. For a fixed relationship these are not the best women, but for sure it is possible. When you start a relationship with a Thai bargirl, you have to accept the fact she expect you to support her financially and you have to take care that she not contact previous customers anymore.

Thai gogo bar

A Thai gogo bar is a bar where Thai bargirls dance topless or naked. The music is louder, it is made for watching the dancing girls and not for socializing like in a lady bar. A gogo bar is always inside a building and a lady bar is mostly outside in open air.

The girls working here are often younger and more pretty than the girls in a lady bar. They wear sexy clothes like high heels and panty’s. Often they work in three shifts in a rotation of serving, dancing and calling customers inside.

Drinks in a gogo bar are more expensive and also here you can buy a lady drink for a girl and this will give her some commission. You can also take a lady out of a gogo bar, but this is more expensive than in a lady bar.



Karaoke bar

Also in karaoke bars you can find girls who go with customers, but mostly they are designated for the local Thais and more expensive. There are some exceptions in the tourist cities.

Prostitution in Thailand and in the west

There are big differences in prostitution in Thailand and in the west. In the west it is pure business, sex for money. The bargirls in Thailand come work in the bar for several reasons. A part of the girls is doing this work pure for the money, but another part is doing it (partly) for fun (have a good holiday with a foreigner she choose herself) or to meet the love of her life.

Another big difference is the fact she is earning money already by only serving the customers and she can increase this income by customers giving her lady drinks. So by only flirting and drinking with men they can already earn a full time salary without going with anyone. This gives her the choice to go or not to go.

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