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Thai ladyboy datingThai ladyboys are the most famous (positive and negative as well) transgenders in the world. In the Thai society they are seen and respected as the 3rd sex. By buddhism being a transgender is not a sin like it is in the Cristian or Islamic religion. You will see Thai ladyboys all over the country, but many of them work in the tourist industry or In the bars. On this page we will inform you about the next subjects:

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What is a ladyboy?

Ladyboys are men who wanted to be born as a woman. By hormone cures and operations they transform them self (partly) to woman. Other words for ladyboy are transgender, transsexual or katoey (in Thai language). Some ladyboys really look like women, because the doctors In Thailand are very good and cheap compared to the rest of the world.

The Thai ladyboy is very famous, but you can find them all over Southeast Asia. Mostly the Thai ladyboys look more like women than the ladyboys from other countries. A ladyboy officially can’t marry a man in Thailand because marriage between two man is illegal, The gender of a ladyboy is written in their id as a male.

How to recognize a ladyboy?

When your biggest nightmare is to end up in the bedroom with a ladyboy or when they attract you, in both cases it is good to be able to recognize them. First of all they have physical marks like big hands and feet, taller in heigth, a big Adam’s apple and a strong voice.

A very good way to recognize a ladyboy is to watch how she is walking. Most time a ladyboy walks excessively like a gay, what gives you a unnatural impression. Another thing is that they often overuse makeup, but also some Thai women have this habit. If you are not sure, another way is to just ask her, but this can give a painful situation when she is a real female. They will not often lie about it.

Where can you find Thai ladyboys?

In the tourist area’s in Thailand you will find most ladyboys in and around the lady bars. There are bars where bargirls and ladyboys are mixed up and there are also some bars with only ladyboys in the bigger cities. Also many bars don’t except ladyboys to work for them, that’s why you can find also many of them on the street.

Thai ladyboyThe reason why so many Thai ladyboys work in the sex industry is because the high expenses of their transformation.
In the Thai society outside the tourism are also many ladyboys. You can see them everywhere, in shops, Banks, hotels, restaurants ect .Most of the time they have a real female profession like hairdresser, cosmetician or they work in a pedicure / manicure shop.

When you hang out with Thai women, most probably you will also get contact with ladyboys because almost all Thai women have ladyboy friends. You will see they get fully respected, but jokes will be made and the ladyboys will make most of these jokes themselves with a big dose of self-mockery. Ladyboys often have a great sense of humor.

Ladyboy dating to meet Thai ladyboys

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