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There are many good books written about the subject of Thai Women. Some of these books are containing a lot of information about important issues in a relationship with a Thai woman. A part of these books are pure informative and another part is based on a story.

If you have a relationship with a Thai wife or if you are planning to start one, it is wise to read these books! Almost all of the authors of these books about Thai women have a lot of experience about life in Thailand and they had a long relationship with a Thai wife or many dates with Thai women. They carry a lot of useful information what they share with you by writing their book.

Description of books about Thai women

Thailand fever

Thailand fever is a true recommendation! This book is written by a western-Thai couple and describes all differences in culture they met in their own relationship in a recognizable way. The western man and the Thai wife describe the differences one by one. This will make you understand and even feel the Thai annoyances after reading (and recognizing) the western ones. This book is a real eye-opener! All pages are written in English and Thai as well, so you can read it together with your Thai wife or girlfriend.

Thai-western relationships

Thai-western relationships is written by Benjawan Poomsan Becker, he wrote already more than 25 books about Thailand and Thai language. The book is about Thai-western relationships and is based on differences in culture.  This book can teach you a lot when you start a relationship with an Asian woman.

A Thai woman everyday

A Thai woman everyday is written by Jack Swelters, he visit Thailand and Cambodja already over 50 years. In his book he describes his experiences with Thai women over this period in a way you will recognize if you have experience yourself. If you (want to) live in Thailand or (want to ) have a relationship with a Thai woman, this is a very good book for you.

Thai women (What a foreign man should know)

Thai women (What a foreign man should know) is written by Alan Reeder-Camponi. He describes why many western men want a Thai woman, while there are so many willing women available in the rest of Southeast Asia. He further describes what a Thai women in the upper or middle class is looking for in a man.

The vicious truth about Thai hookers

The vicious truth about Thai hookers is written by ‘The Blether’.In this book people who are working in the Thai sex industry get interviewed. By reading this book you can see how life in this industry is from their point of view.  People who meet Thai bargirls can find useful information from this book.

How to meet a good Thai lady

How to meet a good Thai lady is written by ‘The Blether’. He describes in his book the reasons why so many western men get disappointed in a relationship with Thai women. This book will tell you what the biggest mistakes made by many men are. He will also give some tips for online dating and for meeting Thai women in real.

Thai girl

Thai girl is written by Bill Winner. The book will tell you why so many western men want a Thai wife and if the many horror stories about broken relationships are reliable. He will provide you with 7 tips for a happy relationship with a Thai wife and 7 tips for online dating.

Thai hookers 101

Thai hookers 101 is written by K Thailand and describes the sex industry of Thailand. Mentioned subjects are different kind of women, meeting bargirls and different places to get sexual service. He also gives some tips and advices. This book contains helpful information for people who hang out with Thai bargirls and use the service of Thai prostitutes.


Romance and red lights in Asia is a book about Thailand, the Philippines and Japan written by Mark Cyr. He describes subjects like prostitution, dating and serious relationship and the best places in Asia to go. You want a short date or a life time relationship? It’s all possible in Asia.


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