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Thai family and culture

Thai women datingIf you have a relationship with a Thai woman, the family will be an important issue. In the west an adult is independent from her / his parents while in Thailand the children have the obligation to take care of their parents as long as they live. A Thai women will take care of her parents at least financially and will expect her husband to help her. They also have to listen to their parents when they have to make important decisions.

The social aspects in a Thai family are very different from the Western ones. Children in Thailand are raised to be very infirm and parents are capable of raising their children with their knowledge and financial means.

This situation will change when the children become adults. The children have gained knowledge and an income and the parents become older and weaker. Now it’s the children’s turn to take care of their parents, physically and financially as well.

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The main difference is that Western women thank their parents once they’ve grown up and tell them they can live on their own now and that Thai women reach the period of being able to take care of their parents to thank them that they always took care of them.


On this page we will describe the following subjects:

The Thai family will expect to be supported
In Thailand the loyalty to family is much stronger compare to western countries
When you marry a Thai woman, the Thai family will expect a dowry
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The Thai family will expect to be supported

Thai women will always have the duty to financially support their parents and will expect their partner to help her, Thai partners support the family of their wife as well. A good family won’t ask for enormous amounts, so if they do, this is a reason to think carefully about the situation.

The good thing about this system is that the elders can grow old with their family and can be taken care by them, this will also happen to you if you have a Thai woman with a good family. A nursing home is considered to be antisocial by most Thai people; they can’t understand this.

In Thailand the loyalty to family is much stronger compare to western countries

Also, if a family member has problems, for instance because of an addiction, a divorce or a disease, it is expected from family members who are better off to sponsor this family member. Thai women will even work in a bar for this reason.

An important difference with the west is that Thai people sponsor family members without the condition to solve the underlying problems, for instance to battle the addiction. This has to do with the fact that Thai people are naturally less judgmental about people and because the person who can help another is considered lucky. So it’s important to make clear agreements about this with your Thai wife.

When you marry a Thai woman, the Thai family will expect a dowry

When you marry a Thai woman, you will have to negotiate with the Thai family about the dowry. The amount of the dowry indicates the status of the family, so it’s also possible to give more and get back a share later. A share of the dowry is then symbolic.

The amount further depends on the value of the Thai woman (age, job, appearance, how many relationships, etc.) and how the Thai family values you. When you decide to get married, it is highly recommended that you inform yourself about this issue!

In a relationship with a Thai women it is likely that you get involved in family matters. Probably they will have expectations where you don’t agree with. Thats why you have to make clear agreements with your wife in advance, so that they know what they can expect from you. Another advantage is that you can make your arguments in a period without emotions.

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