Characteristics Thai women

Characteristics of Thai women

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When you hang out with Thai women or have a relationship with them for a longer period, you will find out that most of the Thai women show the same behavior and often use the same specific sentences.

This is not said to generalize and off course there are exceptions, but Thailand is a country with a very different culture from the west and because they have
always been independent, they created a totally different way of living, even more than other Southeast Asian countries.

This is giving the possibility to describe some characteristics and typical sentences of Thai women. If you have experience with Thai women you will recognize them. Here the description of the characteristics of a caricature of a Thai woman.

Thai women are famous for the following characteristics:

Thai women are caring

Thai women are known to be very caring people. They will take care you very intense if you are ill for example. They will get medicine, wipe perspiration from your head and touch on the face using an aroma stick to fight the feeling of sickness. Also when you are not sick they take care you by massage, cleaning your ears and cutting nails.

Taking care close people and especially family is an important part of the Thai people their life, because the society of Thailand is less individualistic and family is more important in Thai culture.

Thai women are submissive

The role of men and women in a relationship in Thailand is different from the west. In the west the role of men and women is becoming more and more the same, In Thailand the Expectation for the man is to financially take care his wife and the family and the woman will take care her man and the children.

Often the Thai woman want the man to make the decisions because he brings in the money and makes things possible. Off course there are many Thai women with a great carrier where the situation is different. These women will be more independent and less submissive and caring.

Thai women like / love money

Money is often very important for Thai women. The reason for this is that money is no luxury in Thailand like in the west. Almost all Thai people can eat and have a home, but illness and studying are not often not covered. So absence of money will mean the children can’t go study or get medical assistance in case of illness.

In addition the Thai woman often have to take care the parents and other family members. Also the status of wealth in Thailand is much stronger than in the west.

Thai women are liars

Thai women are known as easy liars. This has a cultural reason. Telling someone a negative thing, even when it is the truth, is seen as very rude in Thailand. Lying to save someone from having a lot of mental pain is a good thing in the eyes of the Thais. Losing face is a much bigger sin than lying for someone’s best.

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