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Thai wifeA relationship with a Thai wife or girlfriend can become a very good and loving one, but you have to realise that there are big cultural differences. If you start a longstanding relationship with a Thai wife, it is recommended that you learn about these differences and that your Thai wife / girlfriend also knows about these items.

There is quite good  literature about this topic and when you learn or experience about this, you will see that some things that are normal in our culture are abnormal in Thailand and vice versa. You will also realise that this can lead to very difficult misunderstandings, caused by things that are normal to you. If you don’t know about these culture differences you can hurt each other a lot and even damage the relationship. On this page we will mention the following subjects:

Cultural differences in a relationship with a Thai wife
Where to find a good Thai wife?
Dangers of a Thai wife
Find a good Thai wife on a dating site

Cultural differences in a relationship with a Thai wife

In Thailand, independence is not an important issue, while it’s one of the most important issues in the west. For instance, a Thai woman can arrange things without telling you. This will not mean she wants to hurt you or don’t care about you, but it can give you a sense of losing control what will give you a really bad feeling.

A Thai woman is also afraid to lose face and will avoid difficult situations more often. So in practice, this means she will walk away instead of discussing or arguing with you. She can tell you ‘if I’m not good for you, I’ll leave’ ,when you’re getting mad. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about it, because a Thai woman is very good in hiding her emotions, especially when she want to avoid loosing face.
Also lying to save face is permitted in Thai culture, which is a huge difference and can cause a lot of misunderstanding! There is also a big difference in introducing her to the family. Most Thai woman will not introduce you to their family until she’s certain she wants to get married with you.

So inviting you to het family is actually an early stage of marriage. If you just introduce her to your family, this can create certain expectations and if she wants to introduce you to her family, you have to understand that there’s more behind it and that the relationship has advanced a lot in her eyes.

Where to find a good Thai wife?

Thai women who are working in a bar or in tourism are generally less reliable, because they often come to that sector for financial reasons. Traditional Thai women are the best choice for a good relationship, but they often speak poor English and they are hard to find in the places you go to as a tourist.

Also these women are often shy, because they know the communication won’t go smoothly, which could lead to losing face. The best spots to meet these women are the park, the shopping mall or other public places, but you will have to start the conversation with them.

Relationship Thai wife

It is also possible to meet a Thai wife on Thai dating websites. Higher educated women and girls can be found here. Some women speak English and other Thai women don’t speak English, but have their e-mails translated by a friend. However, be careful, because there are also Thai women who go on dating websites for financial reasons and not to find love.

Dangers of a Thai wife

If you start a relationship with a Thai wife who has the wrong intentions, this can have severe emotional and financial consequences. The need to take care of their parents and children is very strong. If they can’t manage to do so, they will do whatever it takes to make sure they can take care for them.

There are many laws in Thailand that makes Western people an easy victim for Thai women with wrong intentions. For instance, a Western person can’t purchase land on his/her name, so it will often be done on his Thai wife’s name. it’s also not possible to have a company in your own name; 51% has to be in the name of a Thai person and they can take out a loan for this part of ownership.

The laws themselves are good, because if Thailand didn’t have them, the entire country would probably bought up by foreign investors and this would lead to much higher prices. However, the Thai women with the wrong intentions can abuse these laws. So don’t let love blind you and make sure you’re well informed on everything you purchase and undertake!

You can have a great relationship with a Thai wife when you understand each others culture and know the signs of wrong intentions. It is also important from what kind of environment she comes, how lower her social class, how harder it probably will be to understand each other.

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